The Key Element in Training

I thought a great deal about my training tip and what would be the one thing, if I wrote nothing else, that I would want to share with every rider. I came across an article posted on Dressage Training TV entitled “What Everyone Should Know About Training Horses” by Peter Dove. The article covered some key considerations that I would like to summarize for you. First, consider how uneasy you feel as you are learning a new skill, how different muscles are used and how the stress makes you feel. Now consider your horse, who feels the same way, but without understanding the reason or purpose. He is just supposed to submit, and when he is confused, how do we respond? How do we interpret his behavi

Let's Talk Horses

When horse people get together, the story swapping begins. Most everyone I know wants to share tips, struggles, and victories! Some ideas are based upon sound principles of horsemanship. Others just make me shake my head. So, I would like to share with you, in this series, some fundamentals that I believe in. My goal in this series is to challenge you as a horse owner/rider to measure the way you take care of your horse, train and ride against the practices and the ideas of the best horsemen/women in this country. Let's stretch ourselves and improve the way we think and treat our animals because one thing we all have in common; we are passionate about our horses. So get ready for a series th

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