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Harmony With Your Horse

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Western dressage is becoming popular as a riding discipline because it allows riders to focus on their communication with their horse and developing personal goals.

Contact Ken to put together a plan to articulate your objectives and start riding with a new found sense of purpose!


In this blog I will be covering fundamental principles that should govern our relationship with our horses. I will also discuss critical issues for the rider to consider about his/her own well being. To access this blog, go to the Education Section and click on "Horse Sense."

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Training tips will cover key elements needed to communicate with your horse effectively.

In addition to providing useful tools with video demonstrations, will be offering a dropbox service for me to view your video working with your horse and providing feedback to you. Go to the Education Section and click on Training!


Be sure to check out the Events and Reservations Section! We will post the events that we will be hosting and sponsoring as well as we you will find us on the road.

Under the Reservations, you can reserve your time and pay for use of any of our arenas! We hope to see you soon!


What our customers say:

Ken Najorka's Clinic was an unforgettable and great experience. In 3 days Ken was able to instill great confidence in my riding and fix "incorrect" equitation habits I hadn't broken in 5 years.


It was a once in a lifetime opportunity and I am forever grateful for the everlasting knowledge he provided. 


 Jessica Wynn   



At NPH Training, we specialize in improving communication between the horse and rider in and out of the arena. We focus on western disciplines of western dressage, reining and horsemanship, but also help hunters with their basic riding needs and have a full facility for all disciplines.

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